Bloons tower defense 2 strategy

bloons tower defense 2 strategy

Never switch to a new defense (like changing from 2 /3 dart monkeys to 2 /3 apprentices or selling towers to focus on one tower only), especially if your opponent. The Last episode of Bloons TD 2!! I complete the hard map without losing a single life, and this video is sped. It was suggested I put this in a new thread Five 5 minute videos detailing the strategy for the Hard badge. I have beat it 3 times like this. Stop upgrading at level Maybe sell some other units to get it, I don't know, I never tried it Make sure to use tacks for all escaping baloons and only to use glue in places that are surrounded by towers unless you have tons of cash. In addition, the strategy does not gain any sort of economy. I had 50 lives remaining losing 0 lives is awesome! If you choose, add some more full upgraded Cannons along the way, they are honestly the best unit in this game aside from not being able to pop blacks, they can very well mean the diffrence between a win and a loss. And, dare I say it, maybe some non-bloon enemies! I build up to 5 monkeys all with darts and one with extra range, then add only cannons and boomerage monkeys the rest of the game. From there I upgraded the top two with the better darts. April 6, at Nov 15, Spike those black balloons! Games for Your Site Link to Kongregate Job Opportunities Upload your Game. You should know the strength of your "army".

Bloons tower defense 2 strategy Video

BEST BLOONS STRATEGY TO WIN EVERY TIME - BLOONS TOWER DEFENSE 5 My original guide is pretty good for completing the game but terrible for getting the new Hard badge—there is no way you will lose less than 10 lives. Your worst foe at this point is the Black ABC. Can't seem to kill them. That's a defeatist's strategy. Even with the best strategy balloons sometimes sneak by. You can use br tags, but for the best looking walkthroughs and guides, I suggest using HTML list elements. Tack towers are the best answer for knocking most of them down at least until the very late levels. This is the best way to deal with blacks in my opinion. But towers and upgrades you DO NOT Clawdeen wolf Place spikes at end, center, or choice spot depending on track.

Bloons tower defense 2 strategy - dein

Heli-pilot is too expensive to be efficient defense against early game bloons and does not have upgrades that function well against round 13 and 15 rushes. Next I dotted a few more dart monkeys around all with piercing upgrades but not range upgrades to help thin things out. Hot on the heels of the original Bloons Tower Defense game comes a sequel, appropriately named Bloons Tower Defense 2 , that delivers more of the same explosive fun the original packed, and yet with 3 new difficulty levels and more tower types than ever before. Very useful, thanks a lot. Follow any responses through the RSS 2. Feel free to use spikes to pop any stray bloons in the meantime! I even looked on YouTube for ideas, but it was no use, level 42 was the most i could get up to. If I could see black, more tacks. It should get you through the first several levels Hey guys, can someone post a walkthrough with step by step guide The sequence is D-D most left and right ones can hold up to 5 waves when fully upgraded piercing attack firstthen D-D-D-D upgraded as well -C-C-C-C first longer range then bigger bomb, and all the others full -B-B multi-target -T-T-T-T-T just speed -C-C. Dart tower - after you've upgraded the previous dart tower, get her o one and upgrade to piercing darts as. I have tried a lot of strategies, using tacks, using boomerangs, using upgrades, playing in the middle or in the sides — but your tri-x is clearly the best!

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